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Are you feeling like you need a lift and a new direction?

Discovering your true self will unleash your inner power.

Happiness and a sense of wholeness will pervade your being.

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Do you feel your company needs a competitive edge?

Bring the awareness of your employees to a knife edge.

They will become more collaborative, creative and energized.

Your Journey to Enlightenment

Mind/Body Integration

Building Emotional Intelligence

Breathing into Silence

Loving Kindness

From Body to Being

Compassion Series

Joy On Demand

Peace Now

Wisdom On Demand

Building Emotional Intelligence #2

Love and Compassion

Discovering Your Magnificence

"My Favorite series is Joy on Demand - That's when I knew that this was going to be for me for life. Because for the first time, I could sit in quiet and just feel Joy."
Judith Levy Cohen
Learning Specialist
The HappCo Journey was life changing. I was able to lower my blood pressure, get off of my meds and slow down and deepen my breathing. I was able to start loving myself, and was easily able to lose 30 pounds because I cared for my wellbeing more. I improved my work experience by resolving my negative relationship with my manager and started thinking more creatively to better help me solve tough problems that needed out of the box thinking.
R. R.
"Do I feel peace? You bet! My mind is quiet, my soul feels open!... Now I am enjoying being at peace with myself!"
Judith Levy Cohen
Learning Specialist