The Corporate Program

Do you feel your company needs to get more focused and in sync?
Are you ready to adapt to the rapid changes of the market, so that your company can stay on the top of its game?
Close to 50% of large corporations are offering mindfulness benefits to their employees.
Our Mission Statement

The HappCo Mindfulness Journey is building its reputation as one of the most effective guided meditation programs available. The Journey has over 200 guided visualization sessions or an equivalent of 80 hours of meditations available on your smart phones.

The unique aspects of the Journey is that each meditation is lead by Dr. Berk. Each session is one step along a path towards teaching your employees to become more in touch with their true nature that will enhance their ability to:

  • Become more collaborative
  • Improve relationships in the workspace – greater caring for fellow workers, suppliers and customers
  • Become more resiliant – better able to handle stress and not be so reactive
  • Be more creative – discover new solutions to better adapt to rapidly changing market conditions
  • Be healthier – experience less sick days, less medical access which over time could result in reduced insurance premiums
  • Become more peaceful – be less stressed, more centered, and less scattered
  • Have greater insight –peace of mind leads to greater problem-solving abilities
  • Experience more joy – joy is a human quality that needs to be discovered and that key human characteristic can be obtained through a meditative practice.