Personal Self-Development Program

Are you feeling like you need a lift and a recharging of your batteries?
Are you feeling so stressed that you can hardly think straight?
Are you so hard on yourself that your sense of self-worth is being challenged?

Sign up and start the HappCo Mindful Journey. It will help you by discovering your true self which will unleash your inner power while simultaneously help you become happier, more peaceful and well centered. Dr. Berk’s objective is to help you become enlightened and break you out of your fear-based sense of self and connect you with your true heart mind. This should be your ultimate objective in life.

HappCo’s lifelong journey is a unique program where each meditation session is different which keeps your experience fresh and inviting which also includes coaching (highly recommended) or without coaching.

Coaching is a key element towards maintaining a lifelong habit.  A lifelong mindfulness practice is what you want to establish because keeping your mind in shape is no different than keeping your body in shape. By having a coach will significantly increase the probability that you will maintain your practice for the longterm. Therefore, it is recommended to have a coach who will keep following your progress to help you establish a strong meditative habit. Plus, there will be times when things occur and you are not sure how to respond to them and a coach will help you get over and through those bumps in the road. That can be invaluable.